Monday, December 2, 2013

Ss Long Term Holdings

10/30/15 Moving all assets to Vanguard In-Kind transfer and closing the basket. Going to keep the LinkedIn.

5/12/14 LNKD 20@140.00 L 148.69

2/13/14 Trying to grow this basket. 20 CTSH L@98 LC 98.45, very good chance this will hit. Now for the crazy move. I try to keep a bit of cash in some of the baskets in case of a "bluebird", a stock really dropping that I have already researched giving me an unexpected opportunity. But I am busy, I can't work the market all day, I have to work, so I use limits, this one will only hit if things really go my way:
20 TSLA L@150 LC 195.32

2/12/14 LinkedIn dropped today, added 10@Market 192.56
Update 2/13/14 Order closed, but we paid 192.92 (risk of after hours trading) LC 192.91

12/2/13 Cognizant Technology (CTSH). Thesis, the harder it gets to implement the health care exchanges, the more you turn to professionals. While implementing the IT side of health care is not their only strength, this consultancy has street creds in the domain. Almost zero debt. Limit, 25@93.00 last close was 93.89.

1/11/13 LinkedIn (LNKD). Every professional uses LinkedIn, but my account is free so how do they make money. They are also in the job search business. Set a limit@116.00 for ten shares to add to my position.
Update February 4 close 123.30

Thesis Buy and Hold Great Companies

In the Ts basket, when an equity appreciates 20% or more and I have reached the one year birthday ( wonder if that is still the tax law post fiscal cliff? ), I often sell it and use the proceeds to buy a CD or Municipal bond. Even though the intrest is low, I am using money that appreciated 20%. I have been keeping the dates fairly short ( 2 - 5 years ), so hopefully fixed income will be a better investment as they come due.

In the Ss basket, the idea is to pick companies that I want to hold for a decade or more through bull and bear markets. Two examples are Intel and IBM, we bought IBM when we were first married so we have held it 25 years. I sold a bit at one point, but have also added to my position on dips.