Friday, May 19, 2017


Wal-Mart Thesis V 1.3

First, this is one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, of course I want a piece of that, (at the right price).

Second, they are expanding their e-commerce offerings. I really need to give that a try, last time, (early 2016), I got so frustrated, I gave up. See section.

Third the grocery store business is a tough one with razor thin margins in many cases. WMT continues to expand in that area. They are the perfect anchor for smaller malls.

Fourth, what held their shares back in the past was US store sales were losing year over year share. They were doing well internationally, but US is the core. But that is the past and they have turned that around.

Fifth, (and a distant factor), if Target is their competitor, (I personally think it is Amazon), but if so, Target has been doing a pretty good job of playing dead and they have a lot of debt to face.

6/6/17 WMT dropped 1.33 to 78.93 today, probably general market and insider selling.
6/15/17 Kroger announced more price pressure competition
6/20/17 Bit of a chest beating on why AMZN purchase Whole Foods should have raised WMT

6/20/17 Looked at a Spyderco Delica 4 page no blade length! (AMZN does this too sometimes, what kind of an idiot would buy a knife not knowing the blade length? Same thing for the Endura 4, I xrefed and it is 3 3/4" assuming they are all the same.

Document history:
Originally created 10/9/12
Version 1.1 2/11/15 in anticipation of earnings results 2/19/15
Version 1.2 4/1/15 based on U.S. Strategic Update
Version 13 5/19/17 considering adding to my position in basket Es.

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