Thursday, May 18, 2017

Time to plan on profit taking

Please note, most of my investments are in Vanguard index ETFs and mutual funds in fire and forget mode. I do still have some active "mad money" in basket Es. These are just my ideas, I am not a professional, do your own research.

My biggest holding since the stock split is GOOG/GOOGL and my family is grateful to the Lord for His providence. I still think it is a great company with legs for the future, but since it is far and away our biggest investment, this is the logical place to profit take. I think I will sell GOOG and keep GOOGL, there seems to be a slight premium on the voting shares.

Now the rich question is what to buy, or hold on for a drop in the market and try to do my shopping that way. I will be going back to my older notes looking for ideas and analysis. In the mean time, here are my first observations.

Defensive stocks in general, (toilet paper and baby formula), are trading at a high, have limited growth prospects and tend to have shabby dividends. I think I would be better off stockpiling toilet paper, (just kidding).

Nike has been beaten down. But the big box tidal wave is going to give them at least a year of chop. I might try to buy on a dip, but those are pretty cheesy dips. Pass.

I looked at Moody's. I have a warm place in my heart for companies that manage to monetize information and I applaud their recent acquisition. However, I lost my shirt on Morningstar back in 2008 and this is a long term bet with limited payback. Pass.

The Ts basket benefitted from Corning and they have done very well this year. I already have a dividend basket, but as I look over my notes they seem very solid, the big question is do they have another gorilla glass up their sleeves. I think I will set a Google alert for GLW and watch for a dip or a game changing innovation.

My notes on Wal-Mart got me thinking. I deleted all the stuff that did not pan out and will return this trading idea to the "parking lot".

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