Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quick look, Ralph Lauren, MSFT

2/4/15 Ralph Lauren got whacked today, earnings. The crazy thing is that it is largely currency related. Here is one guy's opinion on RL. Going to try to open a position in basket Ts:
RL 10 Limit 140 Current value 140.99
3/3/15 136.03, hmm, well I still have $1000 in cash sitting on the sidelines
RL 5 Limit 134.00 Current 135.93

2/4/15 Microsoft is currently trading at 41.97. I continue to struggle with their long term prospects. The news that they are going to support Raspberry PI with Windows 10 is huge. The Internet of Things is a huge Macro trend. You can buy wireless connected Crockpots for Pete's sake. If we get another dip, I think I will add to that position. Here is one person's bullish opinion on MSFT. Who knows?

Looking back at some decisions made a few years ago:
3/16/13 Microsoft dropped 1.15% today, so I added 25 shares to my position in Es. Last price was 28.00. Also added 20 shares of EBAY in basket Sk, last price was 53.68.

Updates from March 2013:
2/4/15 Ebay has also struggled a bit since March of 2013, current price is 53.83. The big news is that they are going to spin off PayPal. Really worth watching.

316/13 Sold 400 SUP last price 19.05, this was a nice 18% profit.
2/4/15 Superior Industries (aluminum wheels) has struggled, current price is 19.60.

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