Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fk basket for value investing

11/29/13 Against my better judgement, I sold half of my Omega Protein ( OME), 500 shares, market, last closed at 13.92. Am well past the 1 year capital gains. Thesis on the sale,  my OME holdings have been underwater the majority of the time I have held them, so this has been so wonderful to see a significant profit. The fishing world is uncertain at best. I am keeping a position open, some analysts predict they can reach 14.5 in 2014.

7/23/13 Needless to say finding value opportunities in the bull market of July 2013 is challenging. My thesis is that it is not a crime to keep money on the sidelines when you can't find a bargain for your value basket.

7/23/13 Sold part of my position in Alamo Group (ALG), did it as  a 3% Stop Loss, so if/when it hits 41 something or another the trade should execute.

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