Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fool Funds

Thesis: I do not normally favor mutual funds, but this is a long term investment. I am starting to prefer Vanguard for mutual funds and ETFs, but I have been in each of these since they started.

7/23/13 FOOLX, the Motley Fool Independence Fund is up 22% for the year. NAV is 18.10

7/23/13 TMFGX, the Motley Fool Great America Fund is up over 33% for the year. NAV is 15.90

7/23/13 TMFEX, the Motley Fool Epic Voyage Fund is up 21% for the year. NAV is 12.04 and that is impressive since international stocks have been pounded this year. This could be an opportunity for some additional funding.

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