Monday, June 26, 2017


Kathy and I have been very thankful for the runup in these stocks and do not take them for granted. However, we decided to profit take and lay low for a bit, at a minimum for the Wash-Sale 30 day period.

We set the market sale order over the weekend for the opening bell Monday June 26, 2017. Now of course we are thinking where will we find replacement investments. That would be from the notebook entries in the past and the ones to come.

Current analysis

  • GOOGL is a fantastic company thinking about executing in the present and opportunities for the future. We could not resist the opportunity to profit take, but tech in general is more overpriced that Google in particular. We would buy back in with the right pricing.
  • AMZN is going to face some headwinds. We saw this Seeking Alpha comment, "Earning misses have historically meant very little to Amazon stock as funds have run in to purchase the stock at every dip." We are very thankful for the profit, probably need a couple of changes to re-enter the stock in a meaningful way.
  • COST is another well run, operation focused company. One of the things they do is choose their own location in general instead of anchoring malls though they did some of that a while back. I think the dip on the AMZN Whole Foods purchase was silly, but since the profit was there and we were rethinking that portfolio we took the money and ran.
  • TSLA, the whole car industry is going through some major shifts. We expect headwinds for the biggest players, some success for companies with the right niche, and alternatives such as ride sharing before the smoke clears. They were kind enough to gain a considerable amount in the time we owned them, so we are taking a break. 

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