Monday, October 8, 2012

BRK.A sold BRK.B Es

Update January 10, 2013 Just for grins, BRK.A closed at 140,000.00 down 1k for the day, up 4.57 for the past 90 days. I am still glad I sold it though, that is too much for me. BRK.B closed at 93.32 up 4.55% for the past 90 days. I am much more comfortable with the smaller stake in BRK.B.
Update Oct 20, 2012 I am never, ever, going to make a bet like that again. I am so glad I got out and even ahead. Friday, the stock went down about $1,559.00 in a single day. Wow!

Buying a share of BRK.A is the riskiest investment I have ever made, but I sold it today with a 22% profit. Berkshire Hathaway is a wonderfully run company and certainly firing on all cylinders financially, but if something was to happen to Warren Buffet, I think it could easily drop 30% in an hour. You have to take some risk to invest in the stock market, but I am glad that principal and interest is now in a one year CD at 0.55 interest on a coupon.

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