Sunday, October 14, 2012


We have been in a long bull and while there is no possible way I can time the market, I can choose to profit take to stash some of the profits in CDs or other stable investment and also to put some money on the sidelines for buying opportunities.

Three candidates are VEU, VBR, IWR. Let's consider the merits of each decision.
  • VEU is all world ex US. I believe that international stocks are more of a value pick than US stocks. Therefore, after contemplating this for days, I have elected to stay the course and hold my investment in VEU.
  • VBR is small cap, US. While I think this is an excellent ETF, small caps tend to underperform in a long bull. Let's take our gains and put the money into a CD.
  • IWR is mid cap. I have the same thesis for a long bull market. Sell and invest the principal and interest in a short term CD.

    What if I wanted to keep some of the money in the game? In a generally up market we need a compelling thesis.
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