Monday, October 8, 2012

Ideas from Value Investing Congress

Someone tipped me to a Motley Fool post about the value investor conference. It was a lengthy post, but I had two takeaways.
  • ALEX Alexander & Baldwin is a Kauai and Maui company formed in 1870. The have both commercial and undeveloped land on their balance sheet. A lot of it, something like 25% of Maui. It would need to be a deep limit and mark your trading notebook that it is a long term play, i.e. your kids would do the profit take.
  • JMBA Jamba Juice. The big point for me is that the stores, which have a small footprint average $700k year. This is a bad management turn-around. I like the Jamba Juice concept. If you have looked at my Sumner WA analysis, they have two smoothie shops on Main St and I do not think either of them have a moat. This would be a fun way to open a retail business.
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