Monday, October 22, 2012


Today the market was generally up. I keep a set of ETFs from Charles Schwab because they are low cost in terms of management and from a Charles Schwab account they are free to trade, so you can make modest trades. This REIT ETF went down today more than any other ETF I have, so I tried to buy on the dip and picked up 10 shares at 30.30 per share.

More profit taking. I closed my position in Ascena Retail for two reasons despite the fact I think it is a well run company. One of my investing thesis for 2012 is that online retailers are going to continue to pressure brick and mortar stores. And the other is that this is really high priced I think. Opened the position Oct. 6, 2011, have an average unit cost of 15.64 and that is a 31.40% profit. Since some of the shares will be short term, I will have to select some lucky dog stock to offset the capital gains. Bought a CD that expires in 2015 with a whopping .85 interest.

In a fit of calculated insanity, I hopefully opened a position for Microsoft in the Es basket. MSFT dropped about .64 today to close at 28.00. I have a limit set for 27.50, we shall see.

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