Monday, October 8, 2012

Vanguard ETFs

I am in the process of profit taking and doing two things with the proceeds:
  • Putting some money on the sidelines because I expect some great buying opportunities with the Fiscal Cliff
  • Putting some money into short term CDs and similar investments for increased safety and I expect bonds and CDs to start creating a higher return a year from now

    Profit taking with XPH (SPDR), VTV, VIG, VBK. These Vanguard ETFs have performed very well and it there is a major drop in the market and it is over 30 days from today, I would strongly consider re-establishing a position.

    VEU and VBR don't have their birthday until October 13, 2012 so I set a Google reminder to put in a sell order on Sunday the 14th. But I am not sure I want to sell VEU, it is Vanguard's all world ex US and it has performed well and I think there could be more room to climb.

    I know we tend to view ETF vendors as commodity, all the same, but I have watched Vanguard over the years and I am pretty impressed. I tried opening an account, but could not see a way to open a trust account, maybe I will try again tonight.
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