Monday, November 5, 2012

Basket Ts ( Mutual Fund)

Ts is my "mutual fund". It takes more of my time than any other basket. I am not even sure it is a good idea, but a heck of an experiment.

Put in a limit order for 10 shares of Terradata (TDC) @ 63.00. I do not know if it will ever hit, but didn't hurt to try, I have more money on the sidelines than the rule for basket Ts recommends.

Limit order to buy 2 shares of MasterCard (MA) @464.00

Sell Ruger (RGR) Market, If President Obama prevails, this will drop fast though it may recover later, I would rather be spared the ride.

The big news is that I am closing my position in Starbucks (SBUX) and buying a CD with the proceeds at .5% interest for one year from Bank Hapoalim.

Rules for basket Ts

  • Must be hosted on a low cost online broker, max trade fee is $5.00
  • Initial positions may not exceed $2,500
  • Additional buys should usually be about $500 - $1,000, no big bets
  • When making additional buys, keep the capital gains "birthday" in mind
  • Try not to exceed 10% of money on the sidelines
  • Any equity that passes 20% profit is a candidate for closing the position on the birthday and purchasing a CD or bond
  • Equities in Ts may exist in other baskets
  • Most of my analysis focus is on the lowest performing 15 winning ( positive ) stocks and the 10 losing ( negative ) stocks
  • It is allowable to add to positions of positive winning stocks on big dips
  • No more than 15 market price trades per year, use a limit to buy
  • Use market orders to sell
  • Losses may be harvested to manage tax liability
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