Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meridian Biosciences (VIVO) Ts

Update February 4, 2013 closed today at 21.12, 20 shares limit@21.00.
Update January 9, 2013, 20.97, an article posted on the Motley Fool website points out a technical analysis of their Accounts Receivable and Days Sales Owed might indicate good things. Going to take some money off the sidelines, 30@Market.
Update December 17, 2012 20.30, sadly I have neither an executed order or an open order with this online broker ( Ts), so it is possible this trade failed due to human error ( mine) however, if that happens a couple more times we are going to figure out how to change brokers. Also, it appears they are going to be adding two more products to their medical diagnostic roster according to this article.

12/1/12 20.03
3/1/13   21.42

Meridian Biosciences (VIVO) got whacked today dropping by 5%. It is up about 9% in my mutual fund Ts, so in the spirit of buying on a dip I set a limit order for 30 shares @19.30


In a number of parts of the country, it is getting harder and harder to see a doctor. These guys make testing kits that you can use at home. They also have a good cash flow and balance sheet.

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