Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ts Red Green zero point

Tranche 3 January 11, 2013
5 lowest green stocks in the account by percent since purchase
Ticker  5   30    90
GTI           1
OTEX 1            2
ITRN 2     2      1

Thesis let market forces help you choose small bets

The equities in the title are close to the red green neutral point in my Ts basket. Part of the small bet strategy of this basket is to let the market drive trading decisions. The hope is to use this to help find value priced stocks.

Tranche 1 consisted of:

  • ROLL
  • BRCM
  • ALV
  • BSX
  • IDX
    I compared one month, three month and six month performance and BSX did the best followed by IDX. I used market orders and bought as close to 5.00 as possible.

  • Update December 8, 2012, looks like I lost money on this one, they are down 1.66% in the past 30 days last close was 28.51
    Update December 17, 2012 BSX is up to 5.74, up 11.67% for past 30 days and IDX is 29.17 up 1.43% for past 30 days.
    Update January 11, 2013 in a little over a month ROLL is up 14.75%, BSX 11.89, ALV, 9.11%, BRCM 7.89%, IDX -3.07%

    Tranche 2 GSK, WFC, TEVA, CMI, ITRN and the last two won and I repeated the process.

    Update December 8, 2012: Cummins (CMI) is up 3.66% in last 30 days, last close was 101.69 Ituran (ITRN) is up 1.17% for last 30 days, last close was 13.08
    Update December 17, 2012 CMI 105.75 and ITRN 12.93
    Update January 11, 2013 CMI is up 4.84% in past 30 days, 8.47% in the account. ITRN is up 7.84% in 30 days, 6.9% in the account.

    I also did profit taking with Panera (PNRA) and used the money buy a one year CD from the bank of Baroda at .5% interest, but PNRA was up 26%.

    I also set a limit for one share of Intuitive Surgical @500.00 it has been dropping and this may be an opportunity to add to that holding. By the way MAKO has become the lowest performer in the mutual fund. Gosh.

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